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It's more of a feeling, really.


Brave Alice is that woman in your life that believes you can overcome, that you can set your mind to something, that by being creative, strong and courageous, life becomes a rewarding adventure. Brave Alice is that part of your spirit that wants to stand-up to injustice and challenge ideas that hold us back, celebrate love and bring people together.

In a more physical sense, Brave Alice is the project of Kristen Mico and a vibrant network of filmmakers on the West Coast.


WHat do we do?

How do we do it?

Why do we do it?

Sharing art, stories and knowledge is what will keep us cohesive

and sane. 

Brave Alice collaborates with people who need to engage with a larger audience through media. It's an honor to act as a conduit for experts, activists, artists, writers, teachers, seekers - all people - and share their knowledge and ideas through handcrafted storytelling. 

Brave Alice listens to your ideas, asks questions, digs deeper and engages in a process of media production that deepens the heart of the story. 

We bring stories into the ether that invest in a just, inclusive, creative future, one that honors all living things. 

That all depends. 

Every project has details and subtleties that need customized production. Diving deep in preproduction phases of the project allow us to identify creative choices that give the project personality. Production ranges in scale, from a one-woman crew to full-on crew and support. Post-production is collaborative, scheduled and timely.

Where Are we?

Located in Portland, Oregon.


Reliable vehicle, frequent flyer plan and valid passport. 



Camera, Editor


Director, Producer

Producer, Camera, Editor


Producer, Camera, Editor

Ryland Brooks

Editor, Mentor

Producer, Camera, Editor

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