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kristen alice mico

Creator // Brave Alice Productions

Hi, I'm Kristen, creator of Brave Alice Productions. 

I started BA as a portfolio builder while I was learning filmmaking DIY in Portland, Oregon. Video storytelling is an evolution of an earlier career in social work. Having a place that reflected my long term goals not only helped clients find a producer with a unique approach, it also became a guiding compass for me amist all the sparkle of the production world.

For me, it's all about the heart. I love to follow it. I love to speak from it. I love to find it in others. 

I love peeling back the layers of a story to get to it. I love giving people a platform to be heard. I love to document the actions that spring from it. I love how people find a way to express it.  


I love the what the heart does in collaboration with others. 

I curate teams, freelance with a number of incredible companies, collaborate with artists and musicians, teach digital storytelling in classrooms and create content for brands. 

Brave Alice is one aspect of a dynamic career I've created in over a decade of professional development.

Thanks for stopping by! 

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