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Current Projects
Finding Groovopolis
By uncovering his father's screenplay from the 90s, filmmaker Wil Kristin explores his dad's work-free free-love quest for happiness. Finding Groovopolis is a film blending documentary and narrative fiction to investigate the complex relationships between generations and their ideals--between art and life, ideas and execution--and between fathers and their sons. Through Finding Groovopolis, Wil Kristin opens up dialogue around mental illness, divorce, fatherhood and the ideals that are important among and across generations.
Producer,  Production Design
Hike The Divide
Thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail and sharing stories of the climate movement in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. 
Producing, Editing
The Photographers
Two Portland twenty-somethings want to live the dream as creative professionals. There's only one place to begin - Craigslist.  
Producer, Writer, Production Design, Casting
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