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Roosevelt High school
The leadership class at Roosevelt high school needed a video that would "break stereotypes and replace it with the truth". Over the course of four months, five groups of students wrote and produced #veltup. This video was made to encourage middle schoolers to continue their education with Roosevelt and affirm the core principles that make Roosevelt a community.
video portraits
Video Portraits
Into the Wonder
Annamieka is a Portland, Oregon painter. Documenting her artistic process, layer over layer, was an experience in intuitive and free-form creation. As an artist and a healer, she needed a video that captured the spirit of how to paint from a place of wonder.
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Pudge PDX
One woman's Idea to bring fat girls together unlocks transformation for Members of Pudge PDX. This short documentary gives a glimpse into the reality of being 'fat' in our society, and offers an insight into 'Lifting the weight off, and not the body weight." 
Goddess Forgotten
Painting saved Carrie Schmidt's life. Now, her home is full of flowers, giant painted canvases of the fully bloomed. Flowers pour out of her hands and onto anything she can paint. As an artist, she stays connected to her community of women, offering hope and holding a beacon. This video is a conceptual documentary of the transformation from darkness to bloom.
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Filmed as part of the MAI Sessions at Doe Bay Fest in Orcas Island, this impromptu recording with Lenore sits you down on the Pacific Northwest island beach where we were gripped by their performance like a bear hug from a strong and gentle woman. 
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Portland Kora Project
Wil Dudley's living room/practice space offered this beautiful light for the first recording of the Project's debut tracks. The space was transformed with precise, hypnotic instrumentation.
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Lose YR Mind Festival
Portland has an independent music scene run by the effortlessly cool and devoted. Party Boyz host a proper warehouse district dance party that wants your nostalgia for an grungier era, but the equal gender representation in the line up will keep you stoked on the present.
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Hott Summer Nights
Walk into Marmoset and they'll offer you a variety of beverages, snacks, and friendship. Marmoset, a Portland music licensing firm, is always building community and maintaining the balance of work and play. Hott Summer Nights is a bi-annual event introducing the latest artists to their impressive roster.  
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